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Soft As Sin A Collection of Poems by Dawn Vincent Poet Writer

About Me

Dawn Vincent Writer Poet Portrait

As you may have guessed from where you are, I am Dawn Vincent. Hi! My pronouns are she/they.

I have been a writer since I could hold a pen but I began writing poems in my mid-teens, and performing them in my twenties. Writing has always been how I process, explore and learn, and I hope that never changes.

My poems explore a variety of topics but mental health, body image, and relationships are my core topics. If you enjoy them, please let me know – I love to hear from you.


I live in Colchester with my partner Vix and our weird little dog, Jinkx, who is often curled up with me as I write, or nagging for me to stop so she can have her walk. I love colourful things, especially (preferably small-shop or second-hand) clothes, travelling (and yes, I do mean “going on holiday” but typing it as “travelling” to make myself sound cooler, even though I am very partial to a Disney trip. I tell terrible jokes, am terrible at gaming but love it anyway, and I really like different flavours of tea. I’m not perfect and that’s absolutely fine with me.


Brains fascinate me, although I am no neuroscientist. I have been dealing with my troublesome brain for my whole life, and in 2022 was diagnosed with ADHD, which was a turning point for me in self-acceptance and understanding. I am currently working on a memoir about this, and studying for my diploma to become a counsellor, hoping to specialise in ADHD.

At points this may mean that I have symptoms of ADHD and mental ill-health and I am a believer in not hiding this; it may not be cool, or social media friendly but I believe it is important. I hope you will stay for the humanity. My favourite people are the ones who are ready to bring a bottle and a sparkly smile but also, if needed, to get serious, boil the kettle and talk it through or distract with silliness.


ANYWAY. Thanks for coming, reading & have a look through the rest of my little corner of the internet.


Much love,


Dawn x

Thank You for shopping and supporting!

Dawn Vincent Poet Writer Ten Poets Book Adamantine Book

You can support me in the following ways:

I am the proud author of the following, which you can find here: www.amazon.co.uk/stores/Dawn-Vincent/author/B08LSTLTRP

Soft As Sin – my first collection of poems.

The Happy Accidents of Silva Jones – Novel; Silva gets pregnant by accident by a stranger, and what follows is a heartwarming romcom, and an unusual sort of ‘whodunnit’.

A Jar of Fury – a book about my therapy journey to come out the other side of childhood bullying, includes poems.

NeuroShiny – a book about ADHD diagnosis journey, and poems


I also have the following for sale (pictured above)

Ten Poets – collection I am in, copies £10

Adamantine – collection I am in, copies £6

Please email if you’d like a copy of either, I will calculate P&P.

All orders made direct through me come with a free bookmark!


Workshop Prompts

On Patreon, you can purchase workshops ready for delivering, or use them as your own poetry/artistic prompts.



Poem Commissions

I offer personalised poem commissions to make the perfect gift for a loved one, or to read at events such as weddings or funerals. Please go to Patreon, or contact me directly, to discuss your requirements to see if I am the right fit for what you’d like.

I will not take payment for this until you are 100% happy.


Free Stuff!

I send free e-books on request of the following books to those who would like them but aren’t able to afford them:

A Jar of Fury


Please email furyjarbook@hotmail.com to request this.


Leave me a tip:

Finally, you can leave me a tip on  www.patreon.com/dawnislosingtheplot or ko-fi.com/dawnislosingtheplot This helps keep the website going and ongoing projects.


Times are tough, and if you can’t afford a book etc…add it to your amazon wishlist 😉 and tell your friends, sharing a video or a page really goes a long way!

Thank you.


I have social media. I cannot promise to understand social media at all times but I post fun things, and dog photos. Follow me, even if it is (understandably) just for those. 

Book Me

Book Dawn Vincent Performing at Word Habit Brewery Tap Sudbury 2024 Hire A Poet

Book Me!

I am an accomplished poetry performer, receiving excellent reviews and feedback from audiences.

I will tailor my poems to your event to ensure it is family-friendly, or if you have a themed event I will tailor my set to this.

 I am also available to run poetry or zine workshops.

 For enquiries on requirements and availability please email dnvincent@hotmail.co.uk or send a direct message on Instagram.


Come see me at the following events!

Save The Date – 11th August 2024, Sudbury

Colchester Pride – 17th August 2024, Firstsite Colchester


NeuroShiny release date!!!!!

Hi gorgeous human-type Pokémon, I’m here today with the glorious news that my book, NEUROSHINY, is now available to pre-order in both e-book and paperback.

A Jar of Fury a story of bullied child to strong adult by Dawn Vincent Poet Writer

A Jar of Fury

A Jar of Fury – story of bullied child to strong adult. This book documents my therapy journey as I try to heal from childhood

The Happy Accidents of Silva Jones by Dawn Vincent Poet Writer

The Happy Accidents of Silva Jones

In my series telling you about my books, may I introduce you to: The Happy Accidents of Silva Jones ‘…How will I do it alone?’

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